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Hanzevast Real Estate

The core activities of Hanzevast Real Estate consist of managing and leasing commercial real estate. With ninety office buildings we manage one of the largest office building portfolios in the Netherlands. We house more than 700 national and international companies and provide about 55,000 workplaces. Our strategy and policies are primarily focused on generating added value for our investors and tenants. It is their interest we serve first and foremost.

In short

Our office portfolio consists of:

  • 89 office buildings
  • 410.000 m2 leasable area
  • 700 national and international tenants
  • 55,000 workplaces.

Our basic requirements

Good quality office space

Our buildings are not only characterised by favourable locations and excellent accessibility, but also by ample parking opportunity. Because we represent the owners of the building, it is our business to keep the buildings in good technical condition. This allows you to fully concentrate on your business.

A personal relationship

We believe it is important to invest in the multi-year relationship we enter together. Every tenant has one contact person who is up to date on the leased building and location. This way we are able to anticipate your wishes and needs.


Your company deals with ever changing market conditions. You’ll want to be flexible in terms of the size and location of your offices. We offer office space across the Netherlands, so we can help you with your changing housing needs whenever the need arises.


Hanzevast values sustainability and takes responsibility for the world in which we work. We strive towards reducing the strain we put on the environment and making our buildings more eco-friendly wherever possible.

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Nieuwe website

Wij hebben een nieuwe website op www.hanzevast.nl. Bestaande investeerders kunnen hier nog wel fondsinformatie inzien. U krijgt bericht zodra ook deze gemigreerd worden naar de nieuwe website.