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We strive to give back to the local community of which we are a part. Hanzevast is the proud sponsor of the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, the Groningen basketball team Donar and Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde.We believe that just like your assets, talent can only develop under careful guidance and attention. Quality is not determined by individual musicians, artists or players. United in the NNO, Museum De Buitenplaats and Donar, the available talent exceeds the sum of its parts and is able to achieve incredible results that without these organisations would have remained impossible. Hanzevast is proud to be allowed to contribute to this.

North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra

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Museum De Buitenplaats

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Donar started...

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Nieuwe website

Wij hebben een nieuwe website op www.hanzevast.nl. Bestaande investeerders kunnen hier nog wel fondsinformatie inzien. U krijgt bericht zodra ook deze gemigreerd worden naar de nieuwe website.